Probe anything in no time.

Never wirebond your chips again.

Sample characterization without constraints.

Make more in situ SEM experiments and get faster usable results.

Complex positioning made easy.

Intuitive motion control reduces risk of damaging your samples.

Mobile robots with nano-wheels.

Flexibility and stability at the service of your research.


We help scientists with their experiments at micro and nano scale.

The miBot™ micromanipulator allows you to easily interact with and characterize samples in optical and electron microscopes.

Discover our Solutions

Working with carbon nanotubes, MEMS or cells?

  • Fit with any SEM / FIB vacuum chamber and optical microscopes
  • Manipulate and interact with any sample size
  • Measure electrical parameters of nanostructures

Trusted by scientists and engineers of famous institutes

The most versatile nanomanipulators

  • Easy to use and fast to install
  • Nanometer positioning resolution
  • Centimeter range displacements
  • Vibration free motion
  • Compact and robust design

Testimonials from some of our customers

“We use miBots to probe the electrical properties of Si microwires that we grow. They have been invaluable for measuring I-V curves and the contact resistance of Ni nanoparticles deposited on the wires. The fine motion and stability of the miBots along with the intuitive interface made these measurements quick and easy to perform.”
—Dr. Dan Turner-Evans
California Institute of Technology, Applied Physics, Atwater Group.
“Time is critical for us: the more data we collect, the better is the characterization of our nanostructures. Imina Technologies micromanipulators help go in that direction by drastically reducing the time we spend per experiment.”
—Dr. Anna Fontcuberta i Morral
EPFL, Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials.
“My students love it! The miBot is so easy to use that it only takes them a few minutes to learn before they can actually start making the electrical measurements of their lab assignment.”
—Dr. Rosendo Sanjines
EPFL, Institute of Condensed Matter Physics.
“We needed a tool to precisely position our semiconductor ZnO nanowires under our optical instruments, and we were really amazed to see how fast we were able to get results with the miBot micromanipulators.”
—Dr. Christophe Couteau
Laboratory of Nanotechnology, Instrumentation and Optics, University of Technology of Troyes.
“The compact design of the platform makes the installation in our SEM really convenient and fast. This avoids cluttering the microscope with accessories used for the manipulation and probing of nanowires when other measurements are made.”
—Dr. Nicolas Blanchard
Institut Lumière Matière, Université de Lyon.
“The mobile robots from Imina Technologies are the piece of technology that is missing to the family of AFM-based techniques. They combine key requirements for the in-line monitoring and diagnostic instruments that we are jointly developing in the EU Project NANOHEAT that will allow wafer-level interoperation control.”
—Dr. Wladek Grabinski
EPFL, Nanoelectronic Devices Laboratory.

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